We help clients achieve greater capital certainty by offering services to capital projects and project organizations in three broad areas:

Providing external validation:
»Validating project estimates & schedules by leveraging Westney’s Predictive Project Analytics™ data and methodology
»Providing a range of likely project outcomes through our Risk Resolution® approach for cost and schedule risk analysis
»Assessing project readiness using our proprietary Predictability Calibration® diagnostic
»Forecasting skilled labor demand and the resultant effects on construction costs and craft productivity
»Performing contractor due diligence with our comprehensive Contractor Readiness Calibration™ methodology

Enabling improved project delivery:
»Optimizing contracting strategies to most effectively handle the risks of a particular project
»Enabling efficient engineering and construction by tracking the metrics that drive meaningful progress
»Aligning project stakeholders and ensuring that accountabilities are clearly delineated
»Maximizing project value through focused implementation of Value-Improving Practices
»Capturing strategic lessons learned and root causes so that future projects deliver increased value

Ensuring effective project organizations:
»Assessing enterprise capabilities for delivering predictable capital projects
»Developing capability-building programs that create consistent understanding of key project competencies
»Enhancing project processes to fit a client’s project portfolio