The contractor needed to know that it could leverage lessons from a recent major project to support its intended growth strategy

This project represented several firsts for this contractor, so it provided a wealth of potential lessons for how they would move forward and win more EPC work for global process industry projects.  It is very difficult to conduct a truly unbiased lessons learned process from within an organization, so they brought on Westney to perform an independent review and to formulate a go forward plan that incorporated experienced industry perspective.

An in-depth evaluation of project planning, execution, and results was conducted

Westney evaluated project performance across a comprehensive set of factors based on interviews, surveys, review of project documents, workshops with the project team, and quantitative benchmarking versus other similar projects.

Deliverables for this engagement included:

»Performance ratings and detailed findings/learnings for project planning and execution via 42 Predictability FactorsTM

»Benchmarks for project cost and duration based on a database of similar projects, including specific opportunities for improved cost and schedule outcomes

»Targeted recommendations on how to develop the appropriate people, processes, and governance to deliver the types of projects that the contractor was looking to grow

»Detailed road map for implementation of recommendations, including available industry resources

The client was given a clear road map for improving the value delivered on future similar projects

Our report was delivered to the client’s executive leadership, where they had an opportunity to ask our team questions about key findings and the recommended path forward.  The comprehensive lessons learned study enabled them to maximize the value realized from their recent project as they looked forward to the next round of growth.

For more information on our work in this area, you can read about our approach to capturing strategic lessons learned.