Construction progress was not meeting the plan, and the owner needed answers as to achievable production

Construction on a new unit was nearly 40% complete, and the contractor had still not achieved the piping installation rates illustrated in their plan.  Clearly this presented a significant problem for the owner, and was putting their target date for mechanical completion at risk.  They needed to develop an understanding of what constituted reasonable progress, and what could be impeding it.

Westney provided valuable insights into achievable production rates and facilitated the conversation for improving them

Our team worked with the owner and the contractor to implement a tool that would project achievable piping installation progress based on historical progress curves and on input from the contractor regarding the maximum achievable rate.

Implementation of the tool provided several benefits:

»Provided insight into what installation rates were achievable, given the type of facility and current state of the skilled labor market

»Facilitated a conversation between the owner and contractor regarding why rates were not meeting plan and what both teams could do to push sustained progress

»Provided a means for the project team to track and discuss weekly installation progress and its potential effects on the target mechanical completion

Both the owner and contractor teams made adjustments, and installation rates increased on a sustained basis

Implementation of the tool provided both parties a way to discuss and align on what it was going to take to achieve sustained production at the desired installation rates, as well as a way to continually track progress and projected mechanical completion.  This facilitated conversations that led to the owner removing potential roadblocks, and the contractor being held accountable, both of which led to improved production and better project outcomes.

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