Skilled labor demand analysis, productivity forecasts, and construction cost rate data for the US Gulf Coast

Construction Insider ®  provides detailed analyses and forecasts of the skilled labor market for major projects in the petrochemical, LNG, refining, and related industries on the US Gulf Coast.  Submit your name and email below to receive a free preview of our data and insight.

Uncertainty regarding construction cost and schedule is as high as ever for those involved in large capital projects on the US Gulf Coast. In the past decade, construction cost as a percent of total investment for large process facilities has increased nearly 80%, and represents anywhere from 25-45% of total cost.

One of the major drivers of this uncertainty is a skilled labor market that is quickly evolving. As more workers retire, and as low-cost feedstocks continue to promote additional capital investment, this dynamic skilled labor market along the US Gulf Coast will persist – putting productivity, capital cost, and start-up dates at risk.

The purpose of the Construction Insider ® report is to help owners and contractors to:

»  Understand how current and upcoming major projects are affecting the skilled labor market for each craft / trade
»  Deliver more predictable project cost estimates and schedules by providing a forward-looking view of construction cost rates and productivity
»  Develop and implement project strategies (e.g., contracting) that reflect the realities of the skilled labor market
»  Identify market uncertainties that should be closely tracked by project teams and supporting organizations (e.g., procurement)

Below are some sample graphics (with detailed data redacted) that give you an idea of what is included in the report:

»  Total skilled labor demand for the US Gulf Coast
»  Labor demand by sub-region — including low, expected, and high cases
»  Labor demand by key craft / trade

»  Construction productivity for key crafts / trades / disciplines (direct work-hours per unit)

»  All-in construction cost rates (per direct work-hour)

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