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Cost and Schedule Predictability

Achieving Predictable Project Costs in an Unpredictable World

CAPEX VAR®: Key to Predictability

Considering CapEx Investments in a time of Unusual Uncertainty

Meeting the Challenge of Project Predictability

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Understanding Financial Exposure in the CapEx Portfolio

Why Projects Overrun and What to do About It

World Energy Q&A Keith Dodson and Richard Westney


Risk Management

Blame it on the Black Swan

Due Diligence for Improved Project Predictability

Identifying and Managing the Unique Risks of FLNG Projects

Improving the Predictability of the CapEx Portfolio

Managing the Cost and Schedule Risk of Offshore Development Projects

OTC risk panel – Westney

Strategic Risk Factors in Major Projects

The 4 Planes of Capital Projects – an Integrated Approach to Due Diligence

Understanding Risk Exposure to Facilitate Clean Energy Loan Guarantees

Using the Proxy NPV Model for Value_Based Strategic Decisions


 Project Delivery Systems

Aligning E&P Organizations to Manage Large Capital Projects

Are Stages and Gates Destroying Predictability? – The Unintended Consequences of Front-End Loading

Collaboration and Cooperation_What a Concept!

Delivering Energy Projects Predictably

Project Portfolio Capital at Risk and the Enterprise Project Delivery System

Testing the “Declaration of Independents” – Can Lean Organizations Reduce the Time and Cost of First Oil?

Why Do Good Engineers and Constructors Have Bad Projects?



When Failure is Not an Option: Making Joint Ventures Work for Capital Projects. Part 1: Joint ventures – Cause or cure for major project risk?

When Failure is Not an Option: Making Joint Ventures Work for Capital Projects. Part 2: Four steps to making project JVs work



Managing Megaprojects in the Current Environment

Improving Megaproject Performance


PM Best Practices

Capital Project Execution Risks and Mitigating Strategies

Implementing an Effective Lessons Learned Process In A Global Project Environment