The owner desired help in implementing Value-Improving Practices (VIPs) in an optimal way for their project

Value-Improving Practices (VIPs) are a set of research-backed methods that are typically done during FEL planning to improve project performance.  Implementing VIPs in a way that truly adds value to a project requires that they are led by individuals with appropriate experience and expertise, preferably outside of the project organization.

Westney was engaged to help the owner implement VIPs in an optimal way for their petrochemical mega-project.

A customized VIP plan was developed that considered the nature of the project and maturity of the project planning

Westney worked with the client to develop a detailed plan for implementing VIPs on their project, and facilitated VIP workshops using our independent expertise.

Deliverables for this engagement included:

»Outlined required documentation, expertise needed, planned timing, agendas, and templates for each VIP workshop

»Provided independent experts to lead several VIP workshops (e.g., constructability, design-to-capacity, etc.)

»Documented results of each VIP workshop

»Provided additional insight regarding anticipated costs, trade-offs, and effectiveness of key value-improvement ideas (e.g., estimated costs and benefits of modularization)

A well-planned VIP effort provided valuable insight to project leaders for planning and decision-making

The discussions that resulted from implementing the VIPs were very informative for project leadership, and the additional insight that Westney offered as part of the process helped the owner make optimal project decisions during the early planning phases.

For more information on our work in this area, you can read about our approach to maximizing project value through guided implementation of VIPs.