Westney offers a unique value proposition to our clients

Westney is different from most consulting firms that you may encounter.  The value that we bring to clients is derived from:

Deep expertise in capital project disciplines based on decades of industry experience with both owners and contractors

Forward-looking project performance data and actionable information that is tailored to the specifics of your project 

Codified methodologies for analyzing and evaluating capital projects and project organizations

Management consulting acumen that clearly communicates key issues to company leadership – i.e. “speaks truth to power”

More efficient service delivery due to our deep understanding of industry problems and which solutions will work

Westney was recently recognized by Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory (KCRA) as one of the leading firms globally in capital projects consulting.  19 of the most prominent firms were evaluated by KCRA (including several of the largest and most well-known management consulting firms), and Westney was ranked among the top 4, thereby earning the prestigious Kennedy Vanguard rating, as shown in this illustration from the report.