Case studies by industry

Below are some examples of typical Westney engagements (categorized by industry) that give more details on the type of work we do, our proprietary methodologies, client impact, and even some sample deliverables.

Note: We are currently in the process of updating our case studies.  Please check back in a few weeks if you would like to read more.


»Early stage estimate and schedule validation for an agricultural chemical project

»Sanction readiness assessment for a petrochemical plant expansion

»Cost and schedule risk analysis for a program of petrochemical projects

»Contracting strategy development for a petrochemical mega-project

»Skilled labor demand forecast and construction cost analysis for a US Gulf Coast mega-project

»Production-based planning for a new petrochemical unit

»Steering team alignment on value drivers for a petrochemical mega-project

»Strategic lessons learned for an international EPC contractor

»Implementation of Value-Improving Practices for a petrochemical mega-project

»Enterprise project capability assessment for an international chemical manufacturer

Oil & Gas

»Sanction readiness assessment for a LNG mega-project

»Comprehensive peer review for a deepwater development

»Risk analysis and options evaluation for construction of a deepwater drilling rig

»Strategic lessons learned for a North Sea mega-project

»Project management capability-building for a North American refiner

»Development of a project delivery system for an independent E&P company


»Contracting strategy and construction planning for a North American hydropower project


»Independent cost and schedule risk analysis for a South American mining project