The project portfolio was growing, and senior leadership needed to know that their organizational capabilities could keep up

This owner had a recent infusion of capital and an expanding project portfolio.  Senior management was interested in assessing the company’s organizational capability to predictably plan and execute their current pipeline of medium- to large-sized domestic and international projects, so that they could know where they needed to invest in improved capabilities.

Westney evaluated enterprise capabilities in regards to the people, processes, and governance required for predictable projects

Westney utilized our propriety Enterprise Readiness Calibration™ methodology to diagnose the client’s project delivery capabilities based on 59 Enterprise Readiness Factors™ that span across five categories: capital project culture, governance, project competency, functional competency and process.

Experienced Westney consultants conducted over 40 interviews throughout the entire organization, including corporate leaders and penetrating deep into the project teams.  They also reviewed sample project documents, forecasts, and standard processes.

The final deliverables included:

» Assessment of 59 Enterprise Readiness FactorsTM (scored 0 through 3)

» Detailed findings for each area that gave an independent expert’s view on strengths and opportunities

» Prioritized recommendations on exactly how to address key gaps

The client was provided with a roadmap of what it would take to develop an organization that could deliver their growing portfolio

The client not only gained a much clearer understanding of their organizational capabilities, but were given detailed recommendations on which gaps they should address first, and how to improve their project delivery capabilities relative their current portfolio of planned projects, resulting in improved capital efficiency.

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