A major chemical company wanted increased confidence in the expected results for a program of major projects

The owner was embarking on a significant capital improvement program across several of its sites.  Performance to-date had not met expectations; company leadership desired an independent expert’s view of what the likely end-of-project outcomes would be, and what could be done to improve them.

Westney provided a range of likely outcomes for cost, schedule, and work-hours, as well as recommendations to address key risks

Our engagement began with a detailed review of the project in order to understand current performance and identify key risks.  This included review of project documentation, interviews with the project team (both owner and contractor), and visits to the site.

We were able to leverage our team’s extensive industry experience and benchmark data from similar projects to deliver:

»A risk-adjusted view of the range of likely outcomes (P25 to P75) for total project cost, mechanical completion date, and work-hours

»Projections of anticipated workforce requirements for key crafts / trades versus contractor plan

»Insights on the sources of increased risk (e.g., a hotter-than-anticipated skilled labor market) and the potential impacts

»Prioritized recommendations as to what should be done to mitigate key risks as construction pushed forward

»Market intelligence on where supplemental resources could be found

The project team was able to mitigate potential adverse effects for the program and finish ahead of the competition

Our  work on this project provided the owner a credible assessment of the program’s progress and potential outcomes, as well as actionable insights that would improve the likelihood of a positive outcome.  The project team was able to act on these insights quickly, and thus  outperformed other similar projects in the region.

For more information on our work in this area, you can read about our approach to providing a range of likely project outcomes.