The project sponsor needed to know that key stakeholders were aligned on project business objectives

Given the high stakes nature of mega-projects, it is critical that key stakeholders and executives are aligned on project business objectives.  Competing interests and varied understandings between the project team and key project stakeholders (i.e., operations) can lead to sub-optimal results.  This owner wanted to ensure early alignment on why the company was doing the project and what the critical value drivers would be for project decision-making.

Westney facilitated an executive level alignment process for members of the project steering team

We evaluated the level of alignment among members of the steering team through individual interviews and in-depth survey techniques.  Results were presented to the steering team, and a discussion was facilitated to close any potential gaps.

Deliverables for this engagement included:

»In-depth survey on the perceived importance of key value drivers

»Detailed report on the level of alignment in key areas for the project steering team

»An aligned narrative from the steering team regarding project value drivers to guide project decision-making

»Recommendations for addressing any potential governance issues

The steering team was able to provide clear guidance to the project team to support aligned decision-making

Vetting the potential trade-offs between key value drivers before the project was going full-bore gave the project team the ability to move forward with confidence in day-to-day project decisions, and greatly reduced the likelihood that internal conflicts would later paralyze the project.

For more information on our work in this area, you can read about our approach to aligning project stakeholders.